The Story of Somni Hill

Meet the team & see the progression photos, from start to finish.

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Somni Hill From The Beginning

Construction Photos Cabin 1

Construction commenced in May 2022, with all three foundations laid simultaneously and completed by November 2022. The next phase began in March 2023 and within just three months, construction was successfully completed.

Construction Photos Cabin 2

In June 2023, the interior decorating commenced alongside the landscaping of the garden, each element carefully curated to complement the natural beauty of Somni Hill. By December 2023, all aspects were meticulously finished, marking the eagerly anticipated opening of Somni Hill.

Meet The Team

Meet Mowgli

Mowgli was born in November 2019 and rescued from a builder’s yard in Mariato. Since a young age, Mowgli has been enamored with water, having been taught to swim early on. His obsession with water persists to this day, and nothing brings him more joy than a game of fetch with any stick he can find along the way. Despite his playful nature, Mowgli is a big softy at heart, craving cuddles and affection.

Meet Chappie

Chappie whose age remains a mystery, was rescued from a grim fate. Chappie’s love for chasing down cattle and horses was not taken well with his previous owner and his future in Torio wasn’t looking bright. Fortunately, we stepped in just in time to save him. With dedicated training, Chappie has transformed into a calmer, more mature companion. While he thrives on exploring the jungle like a nimble mountain goat, his true joy lies in the simple pleasure of a good belly rub.

Meet Chai

Born in March 2023, Chai is a young pup with a heartwarming backstory. Originally from Cebaco Island, she travelled via boat to one of  Torio’s spay-neuter clinics i was volunteering at. Her charming flappy ears and adorable wispy beard instantly won me over. Though she exudes a princess like  energy, Chai’s love for snuggles and affection adds a sweetness to her tomboyish personality.

Meet The Owner

Meet The Owner

Meet Katie, a free spirit, from Manchester, England.

She always knew that the chilly British weather wasn’t her cup of tea and that she was destined for warmer shores. In 2009 fuelled by wanderlust, she embarked on a life-changing journey, backpacking through Australia for two years. Her journey then took her to the high seas, where she worked and sailed around the world. It was during her maritime adventures that she discovered the idyllic town of Torio in Panama. In the blink of an eye, Katie fell in love with the area and quickly secured her very own piece of jungle paradise. With unwavering determination, Katie set out to build her dream: a nature retreat sanctuary where others could find solace and serenity. This is the story of Somni Hill.

Our Testimonials

Discover what made our previous Airbnb guests fall in love with their stay. 

Eric Designation

I loved this place. Getting to the cabin was an adventure. We didn't have a 4x4 so I had to learn how to gun it up the last hill (Mango Road). That was fun! The place is very peaceful. Loved that outdoor shower and the soap. Katie is a very responsive hostess. The guidebook she sends before you check in was very detailed and very much appreciated. I highly recommend this place and hope to be able to stay again so day soon.

Reynada Designation

Wonderful, secluded spot to stay at in torio! Quick walk to the gorgeous river with toucans flying over your cabin. Perfect cabin for a couple, with everything needed for a long stay. I stayed for a week and wish I could have stayed for a month! Katie is a fantastic host with a beautiful property in torio. I 100% recommended a stay here if you are in the area. Also her dogs are the cutest

Ali Designation

A gorgeous spot! Elodie was very gracious with her communication in answering my questions about the area and things to do. The house was very clean and everything worked well. One note if you’re looking to work remote - the WiFi seemed to work pretty well for regular browsing.